Cost-Effective Green Living Methods

In the UK, more homeowners are becoming aware of the impact they have on the environment.

Green policies such as plastic barrier bag charges and the congestion charge have affected our daily lives and have encouraged us to act more green.

Here at Tower Blocks, we take a quick look at how you can quickly turn your property a little greener without spending an absolute fortune. Here are just a few ways you can reduce your carbon footprint today!

A Flat Rubber Roof

Flat rubber roofs are becoming an increasingly popular roofing solution for UK homeowners. It involves a rubber membrane being applied to a flat surface, acting as the material for your roof.

Popular rubber membranes are being used in the UK because they’re extremely cost-effective compared to felt, are 100% recyclable and despite needing little maintenance, they can last in excess of 50 years!

Solar Panels

Focusing on the roofing aspects of your home, solar panels are a fantastic, dependable way to save money on electricity bills whilst using the best natural resource there is, the sun.

As technology continues to develop, the cost of solar panels has decreased dramatically.

There are a number of solar panel guides that are dedicated to providing you with the right information if you decide to have solar panels installed on your roof.

Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

Eco-friendly light bulbs have come a long way. Not only do they use around 30%-75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb, energy-efficient light bulbs produce just as much light whilst lasting 10 times longer.

If you’re truly looking to start making small steps in having a greener home, then installing eco-friendly light bulbs is perhaps the best step to get started with! Read more.