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Tenancy Options

Assured short hold tenancy – these are short-term tenancies, giving security for an initial period of six months.  We can end this tenancy providing that the required notice has been served on you.  Assured short hold tenancies are usually given to tenants in temporary accommodation, to tenants in private rented accommodation or to key workers who may be in accommodation that is linked to their job.

Secure tenancy – all council and housing association tenancies granted before 15 January 1989 are regulated by the Rents Act 1977 and are subject to the fair rent system, administered by a government body known as ‘The Rent Service’.

Licences – these are given to residents who are living in shared accommodation, who do not have exclusive use of their own room, for example if we enter their room to carry out cleaning on a regular basis.  We use licences in schemes such as temporary homeless accommodation.  Licences are not secure. We are only required to give you one month’s notice of termination.

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    Information for Residents – Towerblocks Property & Housing Services

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