Start cutting your bills today

How to cut your energy bills by seeing where you use most electricity

Electricity monitors are an amazing must have gadget for every home. They show you how much energy you’re using right now. A special gadget fits onto the cable near your electricity meter and then this sends the information to your owl monitor which then displays the numbers.

You will save money on your electricity bill using this gadget!

You’ll see how much it increases when you turn gadgets on and be horrified to see how much you use when everything is on standby!

The average domestic gas bill has risen by 20% in the past year, and the cost of electricity by 14% on average.

Cutting bills is something we should all be doing, whether we turn out lights in rooms we’re not using or get a better deal on our credit card or loan, we all should do our bit.

Save money on your gas and electric – Cut your bills – if you live in the UK then you should check out these great ways to save money on your fuel bills and telephone bills! Don’t pay more than you should!

Why not have a new boiler installed?

It is always important to have a boiler checkup every year. Sometimes you may even need a new boiler installed, giving you a better and more efficient use.

All Star Systems provide boiler services to homes across Norfolk. These boiler installation include:

  • Combi Boilers
  • Standard Boilers
  • System Boilers

If you live in Norwich and are in need of boiler repairs or a new boiler, click here. For more information, call All Star Systems on 01603 523 247.

Correct insulation can retain up to 60% more heat in your home

There is more that you can do than just switching providers. There are currently a number of insulation grants available for home owners in England and Scotland which can save them 10% on their bills each year. Get in touch with Keep Warm to find out if you’re eligible for free insulation or give them a call on 0800 612 7878.

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