Sustainable Living

Top 5 Topics of the Month

  • renewable energy supply
  • managing household waste
  • purchasing of consumer goods
  • skip hire in your area
  • public and private transport

Our knowledge of sustainable design issues such as solar gain, daylighting, natural ventilation, roofing insulation and air tightness helps the design team create low-energy buildings with a pleasant and healthy internal climate. We also have a wide experience of renewable energy installations and innovative “green” technology. As well as sharing an enthusiasm for designing sustainable low-energy developments, we aim to provide buildings that are easy to maintain and simple to operate.

British Retail Consortium (BRC): Improve Recycling

Retailers, however, attacked the report and its findings. They argue that local authorities should themselves take action to increase recycling rates rather than push new costs onto retailers and their customers.

The BRC head of environment Bob Gordon said: “Retailers pay over £5 billion a year in business rates towards local authority funding. The biggest barrier to recycling is local authorities’ failure to agree on which materials they’re prepared to recycle.

“It’s a nonsense to suggest that retailers swathe their goods in masses of unnecessary packaging. This would simply be a pointless cost.”

Incpen director Jane Bickerstaffe poured scorn on the report, which she said was “naïve” and demonstrated “a singular lack of knowledge” of the modern supply chain. Bickerstaffe added that tackling food waste, not packaging waste, was the key issue in reducing families’ household bills.

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