Top Tips For Selling Your House

Selling your house is considered by many to be one of the most stressful things you can do. 

We have compiled some top tips for selling your house – and although they might not make it a completely stress-free event, they will definitely help!


Work out who will buy your house

A really good starting point is to work out who your target market is – who is most likely to want to buy your house? A single person, a young family, a retired couple, expanding family, business professional or even a first-time buyer?

Once you have decided, you can present your house to suit them, but remember not to alienate other groups too.


Decide when to sell

Choosing when you put your house on the market can help you gain more viewings and a quicker sale.

Spring (February and March) and Autumn (September and October) are the key times to sell your property when demand traditionally outstrips supply and therefore sales are usually at their most buoyant.


Have a spring clean (even if it’s Winter)

It is good to remember that potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your house.

Take the time to clear out any clutter that isn’t needed. Removing large pieces of furniture also helps to make smaller rooms look bigger.

When cleaning makes sure you do the carpets, curtain and sofas. Also pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, which need to be inviting and hygienic. Putting fresh white towels in your bathroom is always a good tip and why not strategically place a fresh plant or two?

If you can, we’d recommend also giving your house a lick of paint, both inside and out. It’s generally best to keep the colour scheme neutral to enable it to appeal to as many buyers as possible.


First impressions count

You want to make sure that your property makes a good impression from the moment potential buyers view it. This means you need to ensure the exterior features are perfect as that is the first thing they will judge when they arrive. Whether the walls need painting or you need to update your windows and doors, flower beds, hanging baskets, does doorbell work, go wild!.
Brag about your broadband

Broadband is potentially one of the most important features within the home these days, therefore it is almost a necessity that you offer highspeed broadband available for all the devices in the home.  Choosing the right broadband can be difficult. Look here to see a list of the best broadband deals.

Consider an open house

There are a number of reasons why people choose to have open houses. Not only are they efficient at saving time for the seller, but it creates competition as it encourages buyers to outbid each other. The three-bedroom family home that’s been sold four times

Pick the right agent – List of properties portals

  1. Rightmove
  2. OnTheMarket
  3. Zoopla
  4. Prime Location
  5. Mitula
  6. Home
  7. Nestoria


  • Overpricing
  • Bad Photos
  • Too Much Personality

Building from scratch and need to sell the property?

Is property development still profitable?

One of the most attractive things about property developing your own property is that you are in charge, so you can create the property however you want. Another reason why people prefer to develop their own property is that there is no academic skills or training required and anyone can become a property developer!

Housing association buys 1175 homes from Clarion

Plus if you the property type right and do your homework, the financial rewards can be substantial, particularly when you start to build a portfolio of renovated property that has been sold on or rented out. Have a plot of land in mind or a project to make a start on? Give Hunter a call on: 01825 749721. Want to know how much you can borrow? Click here.

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